席德 Sid The Science Kid 西德科学小子英文版40集+中文版63集 百度网盘下载

席德 Sid The Science Kid 西德科学小子英文版40集+中文版63集 百度网盘下载图片 No.1

名称:Sid The Science Kid 西德科学小子
语言:两种版 纯英文和央视中文版
时间:25分钟左右 每集


“Sid the Science Kid”, The Jim Henson Company’s first series for PBS KIDS that features a practical in-school science curriculum, uses music and humor to celebrate children’s natural curiosity about science in everyday life. The energetic and inquisitive Sid starts each episode with a new question (“Why are my shoes shrinking?” “Why do bananas get mushy?”) and embarks on a fun-filled day of finding answers with the help of family and friends.

“西德科学小子”是Jim Henson公司为PBS儿童频道制作的第一个系列节目,特点是有实际意义的科学课程,用音乐和幽默来激起儿童天生对于生活中方方面面的好奇心。精力充沛和好问的西德,每一集开始时,都有一个新问题(“为什么我的鞋子缩小了?”“为什么香蕉变成糊状?”),在家长和朋友的帮助下找到答案,一天充满着乐趣。

“What’s hair for? How do birds fly?” Thanks to Sid the Science Kid, we’ll learn the answers to those and many other burning questions. Like most preschoolers, 5-year-old Sid loves to observe and investigate objects and events that are part of daily life. In doing so, he learns that science is all around us. Sid uses humor to show young children that they can “do” their own science and make new discoveries every day.

” 头发有何用处?鸟儿怎么飞翔?”,在科学小子Sid这里将会得到这些问题和其它棘手问题的答案。像大多数学龄前儿童一样,5岁的Sid喜欢观察研究日常生活中的现象和事件。在此过程中,他学到了我们身边的科学常识。Sid通过幽默诙谐的方式告诉小孩子,他们可以”做”自己的科学新发现。

Join Sid, his family and his friends as they make science fun! For children 3 to 6 years old.

To encourage children to think, talk and work the way scientists do by building on preschoolers’ natural curiosity about the world.


To show that science is all around us, and that we all interact with and are capable of learning about scientific concepts.


To contribute to school readiness by fostering children’s intellectual skills, motivation to learn, and confidence in themselves as learners.


To support children’s learning by partnering with parents and teachers to create a “climate of curiosity” for children.


Helping Kids Prepare for School,Sid the Science Kid helps prepare children for school by exposing them to science in a comfortable and enjoyable way. Children will discover basic, yet important, concepts such as change and growth. This type of early exposure to science can inspire a lifetime of learning and exploration.

为了儿童上学做准备,Sid the Science Kid 通过一个舒适,愉快的方式将科学知识传授给他们。儿童将会发现基本的但非常重要的概念:改变,成长等等,这将是孩子受益终生。

Sid the Science Kid’s the oretical content is based on national science learning standards, cognitive learning theory, and on the preschool science curriculum, Preschool Pathways to Science.

Sid the Science Kid的创作内容是依据国家科学学习标准设计的和学习理,适合学前科学的学习课程,为学前儿童提供了一条通向科学之路。


01.The Sticker Chart
02.The Rolie Polie
03.Enough With the Seashells
04.The Whale
05.My Mushy Banana
06.My Shrinking Shoes
07.My Ice Pops
08.The Perfect Pancake
09.No More Changes!
10.The Itchy Tag
11.Grandma’s Glasses
12.A Brush With Teeth
13.I Want Cake
14.The Big Sneeze
15.Must See TV
16.Sid’s Health Day
17.The Broken Wheel
18.Sid’s Amazing Invention
20.Home Tweet Home
21.The Dirt On Dirt
22.Don’t Forget the Leaves
23.Special Sunny Dad Day
24.Sid’s Holiday Adventure
25.Sid’s Rainy Play Date
26.The Wind Did It
27.Sid The Weatherman
28.Special Mon Day Meal
29.I Have Muscles Where?
30.How Did My Dog Do That
31.Getting A Shot You Can Do It!
32.Now That’s Using Your Brain
33 Super_Science_Tools
34 Whats_That_Smell
35 Too_Much_Noise
36 All_My_Senses
37 My_Slide
38 The_Tree_House
39 Hello_Doggie
40 The_Bug_Club

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